Relief Line South Issues Statement of Completion

The City of Toronto, TTC and Metrolinx, as co-proponents undertook a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) in 2018. The TPAP is a streamlined (6-month) environmental assessment process specific to transit Projects in Ontario to satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act, Regulation 231/08. The TPAP includes consultation, an assessment of potential impacts, identification of measures to mitigate impacts and completion of an Environmental Project Report.

During the TPAP, the project team held three public meetings along the alignment. Approximately 520 people participated in three public meetings.  Each public meeting featured a series of display boards with members of the project team on-hand to provide information and answer questions. Large-scale aerial maps of the alignment and station locations were laid out on tables to help attendees understand the relationship of the alignment and station locations within the context of the local geography and land uses. A “live comments” table was set up to allow participants to provide direct verbal feedback for the record. In addition, display boards were located at the live comment recording station, asking participants what kind of follow-up events and information would be helpful to keep the public informed about the Relief Line South project as it advances. Comment forms were also offered to all attendees to provide feedback. Over 200 comments were collected through public consultations.

On October 17, 2018 the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks signed a Notice to Proceed for the Relief Line South transit project in accordance with the Environmental Project Report (EPR). Following this, the City of Toronto, TTC and Metrolinx issued the Statement of Completion of the TPAP on October 24, 2018. The completion of the TPAP allows the project to proceed to construction.

The feedback from consultation process provided valuable input for the EPR and enhanced the project team’s understanding of community concerns. Detailed design and engineering is currently underway. As the design progresses, the project team will continue to consult with the community.