Current Work – Fall 2016

At its meeting of July 12-14, 2016, City Council approved the Pape-Eastern-Queen alignment for the Relief Line, subject to the additional work as specified below and authorized the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning and the Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Transit Commission to:

  1. work in partnership with Metrolinx to confirm station locations for optimal connections between the Relief Line and SmartTrack/Regional Express Rail, including future extensions of the Relief Line; and
  2. undertake an additional assessment of an alignment west of Pape Avenue, starting immediately north of the GO tracks on Pape Avenue to south of Queen Street, with a station box at Queen Street and Carlaw Avenue, and:
  3. prepare an Outreach Plan in consultation with the local Councillor to review these option(s) with stakeholders, including the General Manager, Economic Development and Culture, and the public, including local residents; and
  4. bring back a recommendation to City Council, through the Executive Committee, prior to commencing the formal Transit Project Assessment Process; and
  5. prepare the Environmental Project Report for the Relief Line and issue the Notice of Commencement for the Transit Project Assessment Process once ready to proceed.

This work is underway and a report to Executive Committee and City Council is anticipated in early 2017.